House League

NBTC will be running a competitive house league on Monday nights for 8 weeks from August 8th to October 3rd (Note: there will be no house league on Sep 3rd, Labour Day). This house league is suitable for players from a beginner-intermediate (2.5-3.0) to advanced level (4.0+).


  1. Players will be assigned to a division based on their self-rating from the Tennis Canada self-rating guide.
  2. Matches will be played as an 8 game proset (with a 10 point TB at 7-all).
  3. Team scores will be calculated by adding up the total games won at the conclusion of the hour (i.e. if a match has not been completed, whatever games have been won will be added to the team’s total).
  4. Fixtures will consist of three matches that will be a combination of mens’ doubles and mixed doubles.
  5. The winner of the racquet spin or coin flip may choose either the service order or the side they wish to start on.
  6. Games will be played with two ads, with games entering sudden death on the 3rd deuce. On sudden death, the receiving team will decide which partner shall receive the serve.
  7. Default by a team is scored as 0 points for the defaulting team, and 8 points for the opponents.
  8. Default by a team occurs if there is a delay of play or there is no play. All four players must be on the court and play must begin no later than 10 minutes after the hour according to the clubhouse clock. The offending team will be scored as a default.


  • 7:30-8:30pm: 2.5-3.0
  • 8:30-9:30pm: 3.5
  • 9:30-10:30pm: 4.0+


Joining a team is a commitment and your team and the other players on your court expect you to be present at your scheduled matches. When registering, you will be asked to list those dates you are not available to play, and you will be scheduled accordingly. Note that if you are not available for four or more dates, the organizers may have to move you to the “spare list”.

If you find that you are no longer available for one of your scheduled matches, it is your responsibility to find a substitute to play for you as soon as you’re aware of a conflict. You should:

  • Advise your team captain that you cannot play,
  • See if one of your similarly rated teammates can substitute for you,
  • If none of your teammates are available, send out an e-mail to the similarly rated players on the “Spare List” (players not assigned to a team) to see if one of them can substitute for you. 

Registration and Payment

The deadline to register is Friday, August 5th. To register, please fill out our online form:

House League Registration

There is a $25 fee to register for the house league. This fee will be used to cover the cost of tennis balls each week. Please e-transfer your house league registration fee to:


Please use NBendale2022 as your security answer.
In your e-transfer memo, please state: House League, (Your Name)