NBTC Summer Fun Fair

Important Note:

Due to City of Toronto permit requirements, the Funfair will be reduced in scope. Kids games and the OTA Smash Cage will still take place on Saturday June 26th (free of charge), but there will be no grand prizes awarded. The adult games will not take place as scheduled. We are applying for the required permits and the full event is planned for late August. Stay tuned for updates!

North Bendale Tennis Club Fun Fair Details

Enjoy an evening with music, tasty goodies, tennis-themed games, and a variety of great prizes. This fun-filled event is open to all members of the public, young and old. All proceeds from the event, bake sale, and the 50/50 Raffle will go towards replacing the windscreens that were damaged by the June 15th thunderstorm.

How To Buy Your Tickets

Raffle Ticket Prices:

  • 1 for $2
  • 3 for $5
  • 5 for $7
  • 10 for $10

To purchase your 50/50 raffle tickets and to register for games in advance please fill out our online form:

NBTC Fun Fair Tickets

Send e-transfers to nbtcmemberships@outlook.com. In your e-transfer memo remember to include your name and mention that it’s for the Fun Fair. For your security answer, please use funfair2022

Cash payment will also be accepted on the day of the event.

Carnival Game Grand Prizes

Show off your skills! Win prizes! Each carnival game champ will be eligible for the following prizes:

  • 1 Prize • 2 National Bank Open Tickets, Wed, Aug. 10th Evening Session (Over $100 value)
  • 2 Prizes • North Bendale Tennis Club 2023 Membership (Worth $35-$75 each)
  • 4 Prizes • 1 Can of ProPenn Marathon + 3 pk of Head Overgrip + Nike Premier Wristbands (Worth $28 each)

Kids’ Games Grand Prizes

  • 2 Prizes • Junior Group Tennis Lesson (worth $75 each)
  • 2 Prizes • 2023 NBTC Junior Membership (worth $35 each)

Carnival Games

Cost: $5 per game, $15 for all games pass.
  • (Free) OTA Smash Cage – Fastest Serve Contest: You get 5 serves to show what you’re made out of. Your fastest serve will be entered in the contest. The fastest Junior serve and the fastest Adult serve will be eligible for Grand prizes.
  • Four Square – The classic kids’ game played tennis style. Protect your square!
  • Tolleyball – A fun team game that puts a volleyball spin on tennis.
  • Tennis Skee-Ball: Accuracy and precision are the name of this game. You get 90 seconds to hit as many targets on the other side of the net as possible. Highest total score is eligible for one of the Carnival Game Grand Prizes.
  • Dropshot Sensei: If you’ve got good hands, this game is for you. You’ll compete to see who can hit a successful drop shot from the baseline first. The competitor that hits the highest percentage of successful dropshots is eligible for one of the Carnival Game Grand Prizes.
  • Spin Master Blaster: You get to drop and hit 15 balls. All you have to do is keep the ball in the court and get it to hit the opposite fence on one bounce. Easy-peasy. Whoever successfully hits the fence on one bounce with the most balls is eligible for one of the Carnival Game Grand Prizes.
  • Serve, Dash & Dime: Race head-to-head to get seven serves in. After you get your serves in, you’ll race to the other side to set up 3 cones at the service line, then rush back to the baseline to aim for your target. Fastest overall time is eligible for one of the Carnival Game Grand Prizes.
  • King/Queen of the Court: The classic game you remember from your childhood. Challengers take on the King/Queen to knock them off their throne and become the new King/Queen. The Winner is the first player that wins 7 points as the King/Queen.

Kids’ Games

Cost: $2 per game, 8$ for all games pass

Coach Justin will lead the evening with a fun mix of games suitable for kids of different ages and skill levels. All of the necessary equipment will be provided. There will be at least 5 games with a mix of team games and games with individual winners. Every child will go home with a prize.

  • Milos Says: A fun game involving racquet control, physical co-ordination, and focus and attention.
  • Obstacle course: A head-to-head race through an obstacle course that pits two teams against one another.
  • Dodge Ball: Coach Justin will test your speed and agility in this fun classic game.
  • Cone Hunting: Kids will practice their groundstroke skills and see how many cone targets they can hit. The child that hits the most targets is the winner!
  • How Many? This game tests a player’s focus and consistency. The winner is the player that maintains the longest rally wit the coach.
  • King/Queen of the Court: Got what it takes to beat the King/Queen? Maybe you do, but then you’ll have to hang onto the throne for 5 points. One kid will emerge the champion!
  • Fastest Junior Serve: You get 5 serves to show what you’re made out of. Your fastest serve will be entered in the contest. The fastest Junior serve will be eligible for a Junior Grand prize.