We are looking to continue this program again which was successful last year. There will be a one time fee to play for the year which is TBD.


We are still gathering information on the the day of the week and times that we will be looking to run the weekly drop in. Please stay tuned for more information.


NBTC is happy to announce that we will have two Interclub teams this year. One at the A1 Level which plays on Wednesdays and one at the B2 level which plays on Thursdays.

During interclub season the team plays home and away matches against other STF clubs in a team tennis format consisting of 2 men’s double matches, 1 ladies doubles match, and 2 mixed doubles matches.

If you are an advanced or intermediate tennis player and you are interested in joining one of the Interclub teams please contact one of our team captains or our League Director for more information.

Please note that only fully paid up members are eligible to play interclub tennis.

NOTE: There will be a fixed fee of $20 for players that make the team to be collected at the beginning of the year which will go towards the purchase of tennis balls for the event.

For the STF League schedule, please visit the Scarborough Tennis Federation website